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What Is 'My Walk In Wardrobe' Rewards?

My Walk In Wardrobe is exclusive loyalty programme by The Walk In Wardrobe. Each time you shop you earn points based on purchases made and other interactions. The more points you have, the higher your loyalty level will be and the more benefits you will earn. 


How Do I Join 'My Walk In Wardrobe' Rewards?

It's super easy - simply create an account here


How Do I Earn Points?

You can earn points by making purchases, referring friends, and following us on Facebook and Instagram. You'll get points each year for your birthday too!

You'll start at the Bronze tier and start earning from 5 points per £1, right up to 10 points per £1 in our Diamond tier. 


How Do I Know How Many Points I Have And My Balance?

Your points balance and current tier are shown on your rewards account page. 


What Can I Do With My Points?

Points can be redeemed at checkout, or converted into vouchers for credit towards your next order. Your account page will show all the benefits and rewards available to you. 


How Is My Tier Calculated?

Your My Walk In Wardrobe level is based on net annual spend. At the point of sign up, if you have spent £0-£250 in the previous year, you will start as a Bronze tier loyalty member, if you have spent £250-£499 you will start as a Silver tier loyalty member, if you have spent £500-£999 you will start as a Gold tier loyalty member, if you have spent over £1000, you will start as a Diamond tier loyalty member.

As a member, when your annual spend reaches the next threshold, you will automatically 'tier up' and have access to a host of new rewards and benefits. Please note returned orders do not count towards your annual total.


What Do 'Pending' Points Mean?

These are points that are awaiting approval before they can be added to your account balance.


What Do 'Cancelled' Points Mean?

These are points that will not be added to your balance. For instance, if you have returned an item, the points will change from pending to cancelled.


Why Did My Account Balance Go Down?

This would likely be because you, or a friend you referred has cancelled or returned an order.


How Can I Leave 'My Walk In Wardrobe' Rewards?

If you no longer wish to earn points and redeem benefits, please contact us and we will cancel your account. You will lose any points you have collected.


Can I Join Again After Leaving?

Absolutely! Simply contact us and we will reopen your account. However, we are unable to save points on cancelled accounts so your points total will begin at the Bronze tier. 


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