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And then there were three...

This is undoubtedly the happiest post I’ve ever written, as today’s content is all about Baby Kearney, expected to arrive this winter! 
Where to start… Well I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant. It’s such a surreal feeling to be saying that and sharing this news.
I’ll be sharing more over the coming weeks over on my instagram page @laura.walkinwardrobe, but a few details:
  • Due date: End of December 
  • Sex: We’re not finding out. (Well, I mean, we’re eventually finding out, haha… but not until our little boy or girl arrives!)
  • Names: We have a few ideas but no solid names yet, this will also be a surprise!
You might also be wondering how the bump seemingly appeared overnight. For a while, hiding it in photos was pretty easy, and it just required loose clothing, leaning over, and the right angles. But over the last couple of weeks, I’ve definitely “popped,” and it’s become nearly impossible to conceal!
My aim is to not wear any maternity wear during my entire pregnancy (aside from jeans!) Of course I still don't feel too big at this point and I cannot guarantee how I will feel in 4.5 months time when I am about to pop, but I see no reason why I (or anyone) should have to compromise my fashion choices just because I am pregnant. I want to show all of The Walk In Wardrobe followers how to make our pieces work for women who are expecting or breastfeeding etc.
I don’t have anything against maternity wear as such, I just haven’t found any brands that I love (yet) so I would rather not spend 9 months of my life in clothes I just don’t feel happy in.
I think the key is in finding slightly oversized dresses that still show off your best features (for me its my skinny little legs), or opt for a pair of maternity jeans with an oversized sweater or knit. 
Here is a few of my current favourites in WIW: 
 I love knit midi dresses they are so comfortable and the stretchy knit fabric makes it so wearable as my bump gets bigger but can also be post-pregnancy.
This little navy one is so sophisticated and stylish with the white cuff and button detail. 
Shop Here

This gorgeous little cream one is just new in today...and at only £49 it's such a steal!😍
Shop Here

This knit is perfect for maternity! It wraps over to tie so would be equally perfect for nursing post-pregnancy. Can be worn on or off the shoulder, an autumn essential!
Shop Here

Shirt dresses are also going to be one of my maternity staples and they are going nowhere for AW19. This one is perfect for dressing up or down, the hues of lime green and baby blue in the polka dots are so chic against the black background and the belt allows you to tie in the waist above the bump. 
Also available in a gorgeous rust colour. 
Shop Here
I hope that my 9 month journey will give some of you pregnant women out there some inspiration and because I am not wearing maternity clothes, everyone can also continue to find inspiration in my daily outfits. At the end of my journey I will put together a carefully curated list of key go-to pieces!
Enjoy your weekend xx


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