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Coat Season 🍂

So ladies, it is that time of the year again. The temperature has FINALLY dipped a little and we can start wearing our coats. 🍂
That also means it is the time to panic and repeatedly say; ‘I have no coat for this outfit!! LOL (we refuse to believe we are the only ones) But don’t you think this year colour and print are so apt? Usually I am the ‘classic in cream’ type but actually, there is so much opportunity to clash prints, brave the bold colours and live in oversized. I mean what is not to love? 🥰
Midi length, ankle length or a cropped puffa, we got you covered! Shackets can also be styled as coats for the in-between weather when we want to layer up yet stay chic.
First things first, let’s talk check! Pastel with some brights thrown in, we have our blondey (Holly), brunette (myselt, Laura) and fair haired (Roisin) in all colours to show how they work for each of us. 💕
 Or are you a fan of teddy coats? Cause one thing is for sure!! We so are. Think of it, literally like a hug in a coat & don’t be afraid of the oversized, that is the whole point! Embrace it, work it, own it!
Shackets; we absolutely love a shacket! So easy to layer and add depth to an outfit. You can simply pop on a knit, hoodie or jumper underneath to take it to the next level. They work for all ages, shapes and sizes and oh girls, just you wait for this amazing sage one we have. We kept it dressy to show off all the fab details.
But speaking of layering, we can’t forget about gilets. They have quickly became the ultimate A/W staple for many since last year, but we are not mad about it. In fact, we love it! Unsure of how to complete an outfit; add a gilet. Feeling nippy but not cold enough for a coat; add a gilet. Taking a stroll or on the school run and want to wear your gym gear but dress it up a little; add a gilet. We think you get the idea, they literally work with every outfit. 🥳
Finding that final winter layer doesn’t need to be a difficult task, we have lots of options for you to pick from so this winter, let’s turn the ‘classic’ (whatever that may be) on its head and opt for something more bold yet super wearable and turn heads for all of the right reasons. 🥂
Thank you again for all of your continued support, with another little one on the way, it is safe to say things have been pretty hectic but totally worth it all! 👶🏻
Happy Autumn girls.
Love Laura xo






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