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A Little Update

Well ladies, it has been a whirlwind few months, or should I just say 2020 in general, as it is literally September next week?! I mean it feels like yesterday that we were baking banana bread, making whipped iced coffees and zoom quizzing. Time is flying to the extreme. I think we have to say goodbye to any hope of long lasting sunshine we had. ☀


It has been a year nobody could have predicted or imagined and really the year we will always look back on with such mixed emotions. Lockdown has definitely brought new understandings and meanings to us all,  that to be honest, would have taken us a long time to appreciate before hand such as slowing down and loving the little things as well as the scenery on our very own doorstep, who needs to jet off on a plane anyway?! ✈ It was like the maternity leave I could only have dreamt of! Getting to spend so much time with my boys but don't be fooled, the laptop was never too far away and Cathy was always on a phone-call away! 


Our handbag checklists have become decidedly different from our 2019 versions. Masks and sanitizer are the new 'go-to' instead of lipstick, snacks and your fav perfume. 

I don't know about you guys but for my WIW team, lockdown has discovered new bakers, DIY-ers, painters and the ultimate spring cleaners. 🌸

Between our half hour daily exercise allowance and our once weekly trip to the supermarkets after the socially distanced chat over the fence to our neighbours (the excitement is real) to say we were all ready to break free would be an understatement. Thank goodness for zoom calls and Whatsapp, the giggles were always flowing in our group-chat.

Online shopping is a total must at the moment and we are so thankful for all of our amazing customers, new and old!! Our following has grown significantly and we are so thrilled and thankful for each and every single order, like or follow. Now more than ever it is so important to support each other and all fellow businesses as best we can. 

I think we can all agree our daily style has changed but trust me when I say all I have lived in is gym gear and lounge sets!! Truth be told, I am not overly mad about it. Comfort is key and we have tried our best to get some basic loungewear that will be super easy to mix and match with jeans, leggings, oversized blazers and items that are great for layering. We have kept the colours simple and basic so it won't date and you can pull out for every season. 


The trends have most definitely changed and our high heels and clutch bags are gathering dust by the day, so treating ourselves to loungewear, beauty products and yummy vino is the new trend! 

Shop some of our fab-u-lous loungewear below and thank you again to all of our amazing customers for your continued support. 




Our store opening hours have changed slightly for now. In the mean time, call in and see us on Saturdays 9.30-5pm or book an appointment for during the week for a one on one experience with a stylist. 

With heartfelt thanks for your continued support, 

Love Laura xo 






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