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How to Wear Bold Patterns

This Spring/Summer we've noticed a trend of statement pieces - not just accessories, but bold tops, printed trousers, and unique suits. Wearing a print or loud style can be intimidating but it’s such a great way to show off your personality and style. I’m going to show you my favorite ways to wear a bold pattern this season!

The easiest way to follow this trend is to pick one piece that has a bold print and pair it with another item that is solid and matches one of the colors in the print. For example, these palm trousers would go perfectly with this white top. These trousers have such lovely shades of green which would make almost any green top match as well!

 The same goes for this gorgeous pattern peplum top which would pair perfectly with these tapered leg trousers in the prettiest minty green.
Pro tip: If the colors don’t match exactly, that’s ok! A loud print with lots of colors like the peplum top would match almost anything in a similar color family.


If you want to take it up a notch, why not try mixing fabrics? For example this raspberry lace top and the these monochrome trousers. Lace is a type of pattern and is such a subtle way of mixing patterns without going too crazy. The monochrome pinstripes are such a classic pattern that will go with almost any color or fabric!


These trousers and this top are a great example of mixing two patterns! The top is the same red that’s in the trousers and the woven pattern across the neck and down the arms matches the black and white from the trousers perfectly. The pattern on the top is simple and subtle and lets the loud pattern on the trousers shine!
An all-over pattern is such a great way to make a statement! I love the print on this two-piece suit and how you can mix and match it with other solid items. The jacket would look great over a pair of jeans and the trousers would go perfectly with this blue top! You instantly have multiple outfits from just one purchase! 

I love this jumpsuit as well. The pattern instantly amplifies what would be a simple black jumpsuit and makes it a fashion statement!

What's your favorite way to wear prints?


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