Meet the Team - The Walk in Wardrobe

Meet the Team

The Walk in Wardrobe started as a dream of mine but I wouldn't be where I am today without the amazing people that make up the WIW team! If you've been in the store or messaged us on Facebook you've probably met a few of the girls, but I'd like to formally introduce everyone to the fab ladies that help make WIW what it is! 

Cathy joined our Walk in Wardrobe team in October 2016. Cathy has always worked in the field of accounts and loves the fact she can now combine this with her love of fashion. Cathy’s responsibilities here range from dealing with all aspects of accounts and staffing and as she loves a bit of banter with customers can quite often be found helping out on the shop floor. Cathy has 4 little girls and hopefully her time here will help prepare her in dealing with all of their fashion demands as they get a little older.

Previously a beautician, Kristin joined the team in May 2016 for a career change. You might recognize her because she manages the WIW social media channels and frequently appears on our Facebook Live. When she’s not helping customers in the store or updating Facebook, she’s home with her three adorable children.

Laura or “wee Laura” as we call her is the youngest on our team. She just completed her A levels and is taking a gap year before pursuing dentistry at University. Laura is a total fashionista and keeps the rest of the team up to date on what’s trending. Laura started out working on Saturdays and is now a full-time member of the team.Laura splits her time between helping customers in the store and uploading products to our website.

Aveen is one of the Saturday Girls in the Walk in Wardrobe and has worked in the shop for just over a year. Monday to Friday she works in Health Promotion with young children and families. Aveen has a passion for fashion and loves meeting new people so being in the store on Saturdays and helping customers is the perfect balance to her full-time job. She is a firm believer in “work hard, play harder” and if you come in on a Saturday you’ll have a lot of fun shopping with Aveen.

Roisin is our other Saturday Girl and has worked with the team for just over a year now. She loves working with customers in the store so much she sometimes forgets she’s working. Roisin is a total shopaholic and enjoys all things fashion related, so much so she recently created a fashion blog called So Ro. In her blog she shares her thoughts on current trends, styling and the growing petite industry.

Jordanna is the original WIW Girl, and has been at the Walk in Wardrobe since its opening in June 2014. Last year Jordanna welcomed her first son Jack, who you might see pop by the store time to time. Since returning from maternity leave in May, Jordanna has been hard at work. She is our talented visual merchandiser, manages online orders as well as the Facebook page.

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