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Wedding Season: What to wear?🤔

Happy Tuesday, one day closer to Friday!🙌
We have had so many customers in store struggling to find the perfect outfit for a special wedding and it got me thinking about wedding season. There is something so magical about going to a wedding and celebrating the love of two people. To see them make that commitment for (hopefully) a lifetime. To see how much love surrounds them. I always get very emotional at weddings but especially so since getting married myself because it always takes me back to those moments in Benahavis with my husband and our loved ones. Have I mentioned how much of a magical time we had? 💕
Personally my favourite collection in store to wear to a wedding is Martha. The pieces are so unique and comfortable for all day wear! I love wearing long dresses to weddings because they require simple styling as the prints in these dresses do all the talking for you. A great way to wear a long dress but not feel like you are too dressed up is by adding colour. Find something that has a very simple cut to it and is made of silk or satin as it makes the outfit instantly chic and adding a bold colour just sets it off. Plus it saves worrying about the fake tan situation which is always a winner. 😍


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Another collection in store that never fails to make a statement, our Eva Collection. I mean they are literally perfect for wedding guests and they need such minimal styling as the dresses speak for themselves.😍👌 A head piece, shoes and some jewellery is all you need. A range of garments that can be super simple to super bold and are always sure to turn heads no matter the time of year.













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A few things to bear in mind though, you don’t always have to go full on to make a statement. I am a huge lover of the whole ‘less is more’ cliche and in fact its probably best to not make too much of a statement at someone’s wedding after all all the focus should be on the bride. 

We also have another collection designed and created by an Irish Designer. The Carla Collection. They are of a rich quality which makes them so flattering on. They always have the most beautiful features on each garment to make them so unique and the colours are always so on trend.     

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A special collection we have in store called Marissa is perfect for a really special occasion, such as a family wedding. It's an Italian collection, the shape and fabric of the dresses are second to none!😍












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A beautiful collection we have in store called the Georgia collection, is super affordable with all dresses now being under £100!

Perfect if you have a couple of weddings close together!

The shape of these dresses are so flattering with the double layered stretch body sculpting fabric, the perfect wedding guest dress!

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